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About Us

Welcome to Ulferts

Because modern doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, our pieces combine quality and comfort into time-less items. Our designs are not simply rehashes of classic pieces from designers past.  We believe in furniture that can artfully complement your existing ensemble and work with your urban space.

We sell clean and simple furniture and accessories, representing designers, materials and processes that span categories and countries – but you don’t have to travel far. We have hand-selected manufacturers that produce high quality designs, bringing the furniture experience to our local community.

The Experience

Visit our studio where we invite you to bring your kids and interact with your furniture. Continue the experience here, at, where you’ll find everything we carry, get to know our furniture-minded, chair-obsessed team, and see pictures of tiny dwellings gone comfortably modern as submitted by our customers.


The People

Our studio is home to an architecturally-minded sales staff. Some like the colourful jam-packed habitat, while minimalist interior spaces that showcase the all-important couch are what the others in our team would prefer.

If you’d like to join our community of writers, contributers, and designers, or if you just like good design and want to talk to us about chairs, the state of modern furniture, or the eclectism that’s become your design motto, contact us. We love hearing design stories from our customers and would like to feature those with a passion for good furniture on our website.